I want more

So today’s Thanksgiving was great.   I went to a cousin’s house,  saw other cousins,  an uncle and some cousin in laws.   Holiday with my immediate family wasn’t doable this year for various reasons. And that’s fine.   I was very happy where I was.

I also decided that next year I want to do a holiday with someone else’s family. 

A significant other’s family.

It’s about time I be that man… that I be a significant other. This single identity has ran it’s course and is very stale. Time for connection,  love and intimacy.

That breeze you just felt is a sigh of relief from my mom.


  1. You want more, I want more….damn, we might as well get together rent a happy go lucky family and enjoy the Thanksgiving with a fake family, no annoying uncles or cousins around….


  2. Congratulations. Hopefully you are doing it for most of the right reasons and not because “time is running out” or pressure from external (parental) sources. A loving caring relationship takes alot of work on both your parts. Like most things in life, work hard and you will do well. Best wishes to you both.


  3. This is the opposite of my thought. Like, you can come have dinner with my family. But I really don’t want to have to go to your family’s shindig. I’m sure they’re great and pleasant and all that jazz. But man, I can’t wrap my mind around knowingly taking on another family. Mine is more than enough. MORE. (And I am the big sister to only ONE sibling. And it’s still more than enough. LOL)

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