Are you bringing a mold to Thanksgiving?

When I was a kid, my cousin “Teresa” (2nd cousin, once removed to be specific) used to bring a “mold” to Thanksgiving.

At the time, my experience with the word “mold” was:

a.  something you pour something in so that something could take the a shape, and

b.  something bad that grew on food hen it was in the fridge for too long.

However, apparently it’s also food dish. It was some kind of gelatin with fruit floating in it. And I never ate it. Never even tried it. It was just gross.

What was gross?Fruit? Fruit is a good thing. GRex is pro-fruit.

The gelatin didn’t look as good as the Godfather of gelatin, Jell-O.  Was always a darker.  Maybe that influenced my impression.

But I think it’s the name. Mold. It’s bad marketing. Yech.  I’ve blogged about the importance of names before.

Come on, would Terry Bollea have been so successful if he hadn’t changed his name to Hulk Hogan?

Nothing personal, “Teresa,” it’s not you, it’s the name of the dish.


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