I love a great smelling woman, aka Odor is the 5th Dimension

I think the olfactory sense doesn’t get the praise that it should when it comes to attraction.

Yes, society is obsessed with good-looking people. That’s no surprise.  I’d say that’s the number one cause for attraction.  Yes, there are other factors: what the person is like, personality, kindness, etc.  All are great qualities.

How the sight of beauty grabs and excites us undeniably. Kim Kardashian just didn’t just moon the world in Paper Magazine for no other reason. If sight-driven beauty wasn’t number one then this would not have happened to Tom

Tom's in love

However, good reader, I wanted to bring your attention to something that is not really talked about much… Smell.

There are of course 3 dimensions that we all talk about:  height, width, depth.  A 3D movie has all three (not that I can see in 3D, dangit!) And there’s a 4th dimension: time because heights/width/depth can change over time.

That said, I think Odor is the 5th Dimension.  Something can have certain h/w/d but how it smells adds a whole new quality.  What kind of quality? Read on…

I think on the Odormeter of -10 to +10, we all expect people to be at 0, for the most part. And if somebody is passing by who is a negative number, you will absolutely know they’re there.  And hopefully getting further from you.

However, when a woman passes who’s +5 to +10 on the Smell Scale, ho ly crap that is just enchanting. Like that is what the spells of folklore were made of. Merlin was just making fragrances.

Poison Ivy from Batman didn’t have a special potion, she was just blowing the smell of her vanilla hand cream into men’s faces.

poison ivy

Whether it’s a lotion, gel, shampoo or perfume… I do not care. Yes, more please.  Thank you.

A great smelling woman is hard for me to walk away from. Heck I still think of a girlfriend from 1993 if I smell the perfume that she used to wear. I probably stayed with her too long. Wow, she was evil… but Tresor fucking rocks.

Some people refer to the strong smell of perfume or lotion as “stripper smell.” Not that I would know (innocent grin) but that’s clever marketing if you’re trying to get money out of a man, appeal to him in as many ways as possible.

Bring on the good smelling ladies. The extra effort of minding your fragrance is MUCH APPRECIATED, ladies.


  1. 🙂 I loved this post. I didn’t know smell was so important for some men. I love the natural smell of the skin or just a (very) mild scent. But now that you mentioned Tresor, I think I have a thing for Cool Water by Davidoff (but only one drop! 🙂 )


  2. The 5th dimension . . . I like that . . . and smell is always an important sense gathering and generating “data” – as important and sensual as the others. Enjoyed the post!!
    Thanks for the follow, too! Looking forward to checking out your blog, as well 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. A man… woman… cat…
    Just as long as “it” smells divine. Aye.
    As an aside, you ever wonder what Athena and the other goddesses smelled like? Spicy herby? Or sickly sweety?
    *scratches imaginary beard*
    Oh well.

    Liked by 1 person

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