Wait… America is not on every other country’s mind all of the time (and other inaccurate assumptions)?

I’m not one of those “America is the best county in the world” people.   I’ve only been to about ten other countries, so I don’t have the experience, nor knowledge, to make such a claim.

And just because the USA is the country I’m from,  I’m not going to make the “we’re number one!” claim out of blind solidarity.

Just because we have interests and activity and have the biggest economy in the world does not make us the overall number one in the world.

And really,  who cares?  I never saw the need to say we’re number one/the best in anything.  Once you make us number one/best,  that makes all others less than.  And that sucks.

I get that we’re proud,  but pride is one of the Seven Deadly Sins.  Let’s not go to a Hell.

This article has some interesting perspective by an American having doesn’t much time outside of the country.



  1. Interesting perspective on why Americans have the reputation they have in the rest of the world. Changing perspective often reveals new things and I think this and the associated article does that. BTW I am an aussie and we love to ” have a go” at the Americans!! All part of the political alliance, of course!!LOL


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