Just save it. I’m not giving regards, saying “hi” or giving your best to anyone for you

Ugh, that fucking grinds my gears.

“Hey give ‘Dan’ my regards for me,” “say hi to ‘Dan’ for me” or “give ‘Dan’ my best. ”
This is basically saying “I really don’t care about “Dan” enough to actually make an effort, because then he may actually want to keep being in touch and let’s face it, that ain’t happening.   So if you can just make a minimal effort when you see him through the course of your life,  then you do it for me.”

It’s more like “give ‘Dan’ my laziest.”

No… do it yourself, you lazy sack. I’m not your communication mule.  This is 2014, we all have commission devices on us at all times.  Text “Dan.” That’s pretty much what texting is made for.   Quick check ins workout commitment.


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