The Manson Nuptials

Ok so by this point anyone with a Facebook account and a pulse has seen the below meme:


Charles Manson-  A man in prison FOR LIFE (because his DEATH SENTENCE was changed for some weird reason) for leading a group of people, his “family” to commit multiple MURDERS, in order to precipitate a RACE WAR.

And oh yeah, he’s got a SWASTIKA CARVED INTO HIS FOREHEAD!!!

Well, he’s getting married. To a woman 50+ his junior!!  It’s love I tell ya.  He’s such a catch. Has ambition, drive, charm.

Ok ok she’s working his case and says that being a family member will her access to files that she does not have access to otherwise.  Even he noted that her claim that they’re getting married is “trash… for public consumption.”

Wait… WHAT?!  Working on his case?!  He has a CASE?!  Of what, Depends undergarments?  He’s been in jail since the early 70’s!!  Ok ok, Mrs Gump, crazy is as crazy does.  I get it.  And this is full o’ crazy.

And they’re going through with it. This is being ALLOWED TO HAPPEN. Ceremony in the prison and everything.

To quote the bard “GOOD GRIEF!”

And NOW let’s talk about the meme.  Ok, Im 42, I’m single.  This meme hit a little too close for me at first.  But then I saw this as inspiration.  There really IS someone out there for everyone.

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