Should a single man be sending Christmas cards?

Ok, so I associate sending birthday or Christmas cards with being married.  I realize that this is a sexist point of view but it always seemed like single men never sent getting cards,  and in couples, the women do it.  Of course that’s based on the small sample of my parents,  aunts,  uncles, cousins and single men that I know.

Or at least that’s my take away.

I mean I call family members for they’re birthdays (for the most part) but sending cards has never been my thing.
Recently,  my mom let it be known that she expects a birthday card from me.  Ok that’s one. 

However,  I’m 42 and I’m extremely single.  Am I at the point where it’s like “Ok pal, it ain’t happening.  Join society and send some Christmas cards” or “yes, you should have been doing this all along”?



  1. No one I know sends Christmas cards. However, I buy birthday cards, get well cards, cards to cheer up someone, and they’re in relationships (I’m single). It’s just a nice gesture to do something like that. I say do what you feel is right.


  2. Do e-cards count as Christmas cards? You can make one yourself (there are many apps) and send it to everyone with one click 🙂
    I do that, then I’m sure everyone gets it. Mail is awful at that time of the year 🙂


  3. Unless you are extremely wealthy, mailing cards to everyone outside of your immediate family is out of the question. Of course, you should have been doing so all along, but you will make everyone wonder what is wrong with you if you suddenly start now! ^o^.


  4. Christmas cards is up to you hunny…but a birthday card to your mum is a given! Bad, bad boy! lol (mind you as a mother of two grown sons I haven’t seen their handwriting in a card for years..their better halves do it.. ) 🙂


  5. Having just finished writing the first 15 Christmas cards on my list, despite the number of recipients who never send a card back, I’d say, buy a box of Christmas cards, (nothing too cutesy or sappy, of course…) and surprise everyone this year.

    Sending cards is one way I get myself into the holiday spirit. Let’s forget that my daughter has our house decorated like a Walmart Christmas display, that the dog is wearing a Santa suit, that there is a pot of spices simmering on the stove, and that I have Christmas music playing. Writing cards each year to my family and friends is something I have done since I was about seven years old, and I’m not stopping now.

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  6. haha i liked how you mentioned married people only send cards
    As a Brit (English) its considered damn rude not to since xmas cards where invented by the queen long ago and since then queeny made it a thing!


  7. I send Christmas cards. Every year. Even to ‘friends’ I haven’t seen or heard from in 2+ years. Although, I’m thinking it may be time to re-evaluate the “Christmas card list.” 😉

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  8. I had to laugh at this because I am married…. and I’m the one that does the Christmas cards every year. I’ve drawn the line on birthday cards though… hubby has to take care of that for his family! I think the cards are fun, though. I like the funny ones that showcase my warped sense of humor.

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  9. Thanks for the like for m Christmas blues post btw and as for cards I think it is just fine to send cards guy or woman any age. I have a man friend who lives far away and we exchange cards on all of the holidays, Christmas Valentine’s, birthdays, Hallowe’en, you name it lol. I guess we both just like receiving cards so we give them too. And it’s nice to feel remembered on the holidays. Maybe you can think of it that way.

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  10. I used to send Christmas cards to everyone. Then I did re-evaluate my list. and now I only send C-cards to the people who send to me.

    As for birthday make sure you send to your Mom, She’s the most important person and it would mean the world to her. 🙂

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  11. Of course you should! I’m single, too, but that doesn’t stop me from sending out Christmas cards. I had them done with pics from some of my travels and my former boss (recently engaged) called me and said – gosh, I want to have your life 🙂 Merry Christmas!

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  12. The only reason for sending Christmas cards is so people you like get something in their mailbox other than bills and advertising. Of course, you could also send a “funny card” or a “Drop dead” card. Anyway thanks for following Happy New Year and Aloha – pjs/

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  13. Since when does being man or woman has anything to do with sending warm wishes for Christmas?
    You just send the cards and maybe the lady will appear out of nowhere 🙂

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  14. So as a female, I feel like I should say yes should have been doing it all along. That’s what I should say….I think. As the person I am, I say you see them, right? So why do they need a card? That’s just more trash to take out but if mom wants one send it to her.

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  15. I think you should send a fun Christmas card. Take one of you with a pet or in a random place. Make it fun and if you bring a smile to everyone’s face with it, then your mission is accomplished.

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  16. Nice blog. I wouldn’t get too worked up about being single and sending Christmas cards, I believe a lot of single people send cards at Christmas and other occasions.

    And even if you don’t take my advice happily you don’t have to worry about doing it for 10 whole months – result!

    Tx for following my little blog.


    The Cat

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