12 Steps to Self Care

Truth Shall Set You Free So Don't Be A Crybaby

I came across an image today (it wasn’t really an article or anything because that would require me to read) that went over 12 steps to self-care. Self-care is an important aspect to life in general and they highly promote it in the social service workers circles that I am trying to weed my way in to. I felt it was important for me to familiarize myself with these and if I do say so myself I think I have them down pretty well.


1.  If it feels wrong don’t do it

Ok so definitely no more getting up to go to work at 8am because that feels like a complete violation. Also no more counting calories and exercise because that goes against my nature and feels highly wrong, I feel violated just thinking about it

2.  Say “exactly” what you mean

Interesting…..I guess that coworker who is a complete douche will have…

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