“Balls to the wall”

When someone does something with a full effort,  no holding back… sometimes they day that they are going  “balls to the wall.”

How did that ever get to mean that?

As a man,  that saying conjures images of intense pain, not a full out effort. Maybe if it’s someone else’s balls,  and I had to torture them without holding back.

I want to have a talk with “they” that make up the sayings, as in “well,  you know what ‘they’ say.”

I think “they” got this one wrong.


  1. I had to look that one up a few weeks ago. Nothing made sense 🙂

    term used by pilots. when accelerating quickly, the throttle is pushed all the way to the panel and the throttle lever (ball) actually touches the panel (wall). Hence, balls to the wall.

    (I love my UrbanDictionary)


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