Birthdays and Lessons

I know every day has opportunity and can be a new beginning, but there’s something about a birthday.

Yes, my personal take -a-number ticker moves one digit forward,  and there’s no turning it back. It’s the best time of evaluation,  my personal New Year’s Day.

Age is important because I only have so much time ON the planet before we go IN the planet.  I only have so much time with an able mind and body before I get diminishing returns.

A time for evaluation and, if necessary,  a course correction.

That evaluation is tough today.   Seeing the gap between where I am and where I expected myself to be; where I’m currently going and where I’d prefer to go;  where I’ve made mistakes,  where I’ve learned and where I keep making the same mistakes; where I’m acting, where I’m stopped and where I’m sulking.

Time moves forward.   Today’s a good day to see if I am too.

More to come.

Time moves forward


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