Wow, I look at my cell phone a lot

It got so bad that I had to promise someone that if I checked Facebook or WordPress before 5pm on weekdays that I would give him $20 each time. (I’m unemployed at the moment.   Still No excuse. )

Even during that time sometimes I just pick up my phone,  look at it,  and put it down.  

And when it’s past 5pm I must check my cell phone every ten minutes. 

When did I become a 16 year old girl?

What the hell is going on? Is there heroin in this screen that I’m absorbing even time my thumbs slides over it?  That’s the only reasonable answer.

I walked to get lunch yesterday and did not check my phone for that entire walk.  

Whoa.   That was an experience!  Actually being PRESENT to my surroundings?  That’s possible?

When did everything become boring  that I need continous stimulation so badly? You mean I don’t have to fill every second of my day with stimulation? 

What a novel idea.  Let’s see how it lasts.


  1. I’ve never had a problem with this myself but I have friends who had. You need to try reducing your social connections online slowly. If you try to suddenly stop it will cause a withdrawal and you will be right back in no time.

    Every addiction gets compared to drugs but every addiction has the same connections not necessarily just unique to drugs.


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