“Indians” may not be insulting, but it’s wrong too.

Yes, “Redskins” is wrong.  But we’re still using the word “indian” to describe Native Americans? 

“No no it’s correct of we call them “American Indians.”

No.  No it’s not.

Talk about the 500 years of denial.  We are NOT the East Indies.  At all.  And yes they started calling the Caribbean the “West Indies” to save face about not hitting the East Indies.

“Uh yeah sure.  We meant to do that. “West Indies.  That’s the ticket”

And we certainly are not India.  THEY have the true claim on the term.

The emperor,  or rather Christopher Columbus,  is not wearing clothes people.   He fucked up that call.  It’s time we give an official “my bad” and retire the term “American Indian”

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