Swear words, part 1: When you swear/curse, you mean business!!

Now I’m only talking about a certain type of curse word (I’m from the NYC area, we say “curse” not “cuss” or “swear.”)

Now I’m not talking about sexual talk.  Kinda.

There are words we use to describe our naughty parts, or the bedroom acts themselves.  BUT, they have secondary uses as intensifiers.  Observe:

“There’s no way I’m doing that!”

Ok, buddy, I get the point.

But watch…

“There’s no fuckin’ way I’m doing that.”

Damn he cursed, he REALLY means it now.  He used a dirty word.  It really wasn’t necessary, but now it’s a statement.

“She gave me grief.”

Yeah, well maybe she was mad

“She gave me shit.”

Wow, that jerk.  (First of all, “give me shit” just sounds weird given the primary definition of “shit.”  Somebody pooping on me would annoy me too, so ok it works.)

“He’s being a jerk.”

Yeah he’s annoying.

“He’s being a dick.”

Fuck that guy!!!  Let’s kick his ass!

“Will you give me one minute?”

Sure I’m not in a rush.

“Will you give me one damn minute?”

Ok ok, chill out. I’ll just get a cup of coffee, take your time.  Geez, relax.

Call it whatever you want, if a movie is PG-13 or R because of foul language, it’s really saying that it means business.



  1. Thanks for this! Sometimes it feels like I’m alone in the cursing-is-appropriate-when-it’s-appropriate line of thinking. I mean, when it’s not used gratuitously it’s fucking awesome. :-}

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