Can’t Make Mistakes These Days- The “Get a Load o’ This Guy” Generation

Ok so this post is a couple weeks late.

At the end of the World Series, a Chevy rep flubbed his lines while presenting World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner with his MVP trophy.

I know, I know he looks silly, he’s probably not very proud of that moment.  And… it was talked about on Late Night Talk Shows, 24 hour news shows, 24 hour sports shows, and posted a bunch of times on YouTube.  In fact, some clever digerati out there dubbed his audio over an actual Chevy commercial.

Maybe I’m seeing the past through rose-colored spectacles, but it seemed that in the old days before the internet that news, tv personalities and comedians would talk about famous people’s antics and then they’d move on to other “news.”.

But now, holy shit, things are now IMMORTAL on the web.  The 24 hour news format needs feeding so less important things become “news.”

Many people do this. We see somebody doing something out of the ordinary and it gets videoed and posted/tweeted in seconds.  People just can’t look weird, flub their lines, do something silly without the entire internet potentially knowing.  Everything can “go viral” and be popular.  But not everything should, not when a good person’s reputation can be smudged due to a mistake.

Remember when then-Democratic front-runner Howard Dean spoke at a convention, got excited, and gave a sort-of battle cry? That was ask over and robbed his chances of getting nominated. Just one stupid, in-the-moment thing.

With photo/video studios right in our palms now, nobody is safe.

Don Henley sang about the news’ obsession with grim news in “Dirty Laundry” and today’s “Get a load of this guy” culture is its bastard grandchild.

Silver lining to this particular case?  Chevy embraced it and used it to their advantage.  Only thing they could do do turn a negative into a positive.  Good on you, Chevy.



  1. The thing is, Bumgarner couldn’t care less that the guy made mistakes and was nervous. Really, I found it refreshing. Fox Sports is so choreographed, it was nice to see things break down. Everyone leave the guy alone. It’s just technology and stuff.

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