Idiot at the gym talking on the phone loudly on a headset

Ok, I know that they say that talking on a cell phone with the phone to your ear may be dangerous in terms of the possible, maybe, someday chance of giving us BRAIN CANCER.

That gave us, what, six months of talking on our headsets before the inconvenience of using a headset became greater than the off-chance possibility of our brains slowly melting?   Oh we love convenience.
But I’m not poopoo-ing our love of convenience.   And I AM also ADMIRING  people who still use headsets, risking looking like they’re talking to themselves as they amble down the sidewalk.   Good for you, Josh Healthconscious.

What I AM poopoo-ing is this clown at my gym who had an entire conversation on his phone/headset while (pretending to be) working out.

It was for at least FIFTEEN FUCKING MINUTES!

First of all,  if he must take a call,  stop working out and stand in an away spot.  At least do us that favor, toolbox.  And I know it wasn’t an important call,  because

2.  I was 30 feet BEHIND him and STILL HEARD the ENTIRE CONVERFUCKINGSATION!    I know that there was a bridal shower,  then someone was doing coke somewhere, and another person at some point went to Macy’s department store. 

Come on,  now, chief.   Lower your volume,  the mic on your headset is less than a foot from your mouth, not across the room. 

So now he’ll live brain-cancer free so he can annoy people through his long life.  



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