Subway Preachers

The NYC subway system is quite amazing.  The tunnels were dug long ago and though they need occasional upkeep they’re still doing fine. The system transports millions of people every day with seeming ease.  Well done,  MTA.

And it’s not the NYC subway of the 70s-early 90s.  There’s very very little graffiti anymore,  it’s removed quickly.  And it’s a whole lot, ridiculously safer than yesteryear.

Yes there are homeless people.  Some laying around,  some going from car to car explaining their plight,  asking for kindness straight from riders’ pockets.   Some give,  some don’t.   No pressure.

I enjoy the subway entertainers… many singers, musicians, dancers.  Once a decade I see a subway comedian.   On the platforms musicians can be pretty elaborate and talented.  One of my favorites is a xylophonist.  I understand there’s a formal process to get to have a spot on a subway station or platform.

But my favorite,  and by “favorite” I mean “most annoying in an insane, disturbing way” are the subway preachers.

Wait… what?

Around once a week someone will get on a subway car and just start preaching about God, the Bible, how we’re all going to Hell and how Jesus Christ will save you.

Did I say “preaching?”  I meant “babbling.”

First of all, ENUNCIATE, people!  How am I supposed to save my soul if you’re rushing and mumbling?  

Second,  speak to US, not just yourselves.  Notice if your crowd is paying attention or rolling their eyes at you.

And thirdly and most importantly… honestly… just save it.  Nobody is listening or takes you seriously.

It baffles me to think what their thought process is.  They get up, shower, get dressed.   Do they look at themselves in the mirror and affirm that they are going to help the denizens of the world see the light, repent and save their own souls?

Or are they just crazy people?  Probably the latter.


  1. Do your realize he did grab your attention and emotions because you’re talking about it? They do grab people’s attentions, subconsciously. Have a lovely day!


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