Hey movie “Edge of Tomorrow”, your title sucks

So I noticed that the Tom Cruise/Emily Blunt movie “Edge of Tomorrow” is now being marketed as “Live. Die. Repeat.” which, I believe was it’s slogan when it was released in the theatre, but the name was definitely “Edge of Tomorrow”.


So why the name change?

Marketing, duh.

That movie only raked in $100 million domestically.  I know I know.  “Only.”  But with a budget of $178 M.  Even though the worldwide gross was $369M, it’s still a concerning take.

Names and titles are very important.

Do you know who Jorge Mario Bergoglio is.  It’s Pope Francis.  Sounds better than Pope Jorge.

Marion Morrison became John Wayne.  Tracy Marrow became rapper Ice T.

So CONGRATS, Edge of Tomorrow!  IT’S A NEW TITLE!  Let’s see how you do in On Demand!

On that note, I think just-recently-released Keanu Reeves’ movie “John Wick” is in trouble.


  1. Many years ago there was an advertisement in my country. The slogan was: “A good name is the most important thing that one can have”. You can’t imagine the stress that those stupid words create on me… Every time I have to choose a name, those words come haunting me 🙂 (Probably because they are right!!).


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