Not only do we worship famous people but their likenesses too

Ok maybe not all of us, but…

I was in the Times Square area with a friend and we passed Madame Tussaud’s wax museum on 42nd St.  Yes I’m aware that it’s a complete tourist trap.

But are we, collectively,  keeping this place in business?   “Is that Samuel  L Jackson?”

“No it’s a piece of wax.   But marvel at our ability to make a piece of wax that looks just like Sam. God bless America. ”

SIDE NOTE:  Ok between you and me,  I couldn’t make a piece of wax that looked like a straight line,  let alone Samuel L Jackson.   But that’s not the point.   The way technology is these days,  this is not a hard task for those technologists.

I know Madame Tussaud’s is in 20 cities around the world and dates back to the late 1700s and early 1800s where the actual Madame Tussaud had wax attractions.

But these are the 2010s. So come on now. We’ve put people on the moon. We have portable phones which are also computers, cameras.

So wax figures that look like famous people? Come on, now. They don’t even talk.

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