Unlimited, two year political terms are just wrong

My local State Senator is running for, naturally, State Senate… again.   This is like sixth term (I could look it up but that’s not the point.)  And it’s a two year term!

(I know,  I know other offices have those limits also,  but I’m using State Sensor as an example. )

My point is… two year terms make no sense,  by the time they’ve settled in and finally got their office chairs adjusted to their desired posture,  they’re already running for reelection.

Then there’s the “no term limits” thing.   It’s not meant to be Emperor.  Let’s face it, incumbents  get re re re re reelected easily.   It’s not like I know what my State Senator does and the difference he has/hasn’t  made.

So his campaign slogan  is more or less “Vote for Joe Shmo, His Office Chair is Already Adjusted”

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