I’m too old for FOMO, I have CCLAMO

I’m 41.  Will be 42 soon.  And I look about 32.  I can’t grow heavy facial hair.  I think that keeps up the illusion of youth.

Anyway,  at my last job there were many people in their mid twenties that I was friendly with.   I learned of something that they wrestle with:

FOMO Fear Of Missing Out

I know I know society’s youth loves their pronouncable acronyms these days.   Ones that, no matter how hard I fight father time, I will never say.

But the concept is a concept of youth, I had it.   In my late teens/early twenties,  I’d go out to clubs and bars and my mom would say “would it kill you to stay home? ”

“Yes, Mom.   And you don’t want me to die, do you?”

Going out, you never know what might happen, so might show up, etc.

Well, I’m happy to say that I no longer have FOMO.  I now have CCLAMO:  Couldn’t Care Less About Missing Out

I mean,  I’m 42, single,  no kids (that’s a whole different discussion) but if I go “out” out, I’m that creepy older guy.  I get tired a lot easier too.  Going out is a young person’s game. If I’m not dating a woman, I’ll just go out to dinner with friends on the weekends,  or visit their homes with their families.   The torch has been passed.

Enjoy, you crazy kids

Couldnt Care Less About Missing Out CCLAMO


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