Whales and dolphins got F’ed by Evolution

You know who’s gotta be pissed?   Whales and dolphins.   They breathe AIR yet have to live in the WATER.

Seals and walruses’ bodies are such that they can waddle up onto a surface for rest their fins, find food or poke horns with their noses at SeaWorld.

In fact, the recent news of 35,000 thousands of walruses hanging out on the beach in Alaska was probably just an enormous FUCK YOU to the whales and dolphins. http://news.discovery.com/animals/35000-walruses-gather-onshore-in-northwest-alaska-141001.htm

Whales and dolphins come up for air, but are otherwise BIOLOGICALLY MANDATED to navigate in a medium in which they CAN’T BREATHE… FOREVER.

That’s some FUCKED UP EVOLUTION right there.   A dolphin’s squeaks may sound cute, but they’re really just  screaming for help.

Whenever a whale beaches itself, it probably just got sick and tired of swimming and is willing to make a final stand,  trying to make a break for it to land for some rest. “To Hell with this 24-hour swimming shit, dude. Shove it up your blow whole.”

Like Ariel in The Little Mermaid.

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