The universe really does like a balance

So the other day, I took a survey online,  and, for just the cost of shipping, I could get a free watch.   I looked at it and it looked decent enough for me.

I’m not a fancy watch guy.  An $80 watch is fine with me.   And I’ve had my current $80 watch for a while now, so another cheap watch might give me some variety.

I’m wild,  look out.

So back to the survey.   Filled it out badabing badaboom.  Days later, boom, new watch arrives.

Three days later,  the knob to adjust the time on my current $80 watch breaks.   The watch still works,  but i can’t change the time.   So now it could only be useful 6 months of the year before we ssy the clocks back.  But, ok,  it’s broken.

The universe saw that I had a new one,  so it broke the old one.  GRex is forever a one watch at-a-time kinda guy.

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