Ghosts aren’t just for humans anymore aka Fluffy’s Revenge

I think it’s weird that whenever people think that they see a ghost or that a place is haunted, it’s always a person’s spirit.   Sometimes people think that they feel a loved one’s presence, guiding them, watching over them.  Aw that’s cute.  

Or a place is haunted from someone who died there and there’s dread.  That’s less cute.

But think about it, there are TONS of all sorts of life ending all of the time.  Animals,  fish,  etc.

And you’d think some animals have REALLY good reason to haunt people.  

I’m shocked that veterinarians aren’t haunted by all of the pet’s who they’ve  spayed or neutered.  “Fluffy’s Revenge” as it were.

Think about it, who’s more apt to haunt you from beyond the grave: your kindly grandmother, or EVERY FUCKING  THANKSGIVING TURKEY YOU’VE EVER EATEN?!

And we kill insects ALL OF THE TIME.   “Raid… Kills bugs dead.”  We’re NOT playing around.   But I fear we all will rue the day when the cockroach ghosts get organized. 

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