Adult = Can’t sleep in on a Saturday

Ok yes you parents out there hate me for even making this post.

“Sleep in? GO FUCK YOURSELF, funny, single guy.”

Ok fair point. However on I must go with the post.

Today’s a lazy Saturday and still I can’t sleep past 7am, 645pm really.  It’s not that I have a jam-packed schedule that necessitates me to get up this early,  my body is just conditioned to wake up this early from decades of waking up early for work (did I just say “decades”?  Eeeeeesh.  That’s a blog post unto itself.)

Just because it’s Saturday doesn’t let it switch off.  I tried going back to sleep,  just laying (lying?) in bed after I woke up too, but that didn’t work.  

Oh well,  guess I’ll do some laundry.


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