Surprising Bed Head

Well this is concerning…

I was home all day today.  I’m unemployed and am applying and doing phone interviews from home.   That’s not the concerning part.

For lunch I walked to a local pizzeria.  I got there, ordered and waited as they heated it up.  As I waited I looked around,  saw my reflection in something shiny and realized something terrifying.


I left the house without bothering to even look at myself in the mirror.  Not one bit.  

Didn’t even enter my mind.   Good God… have I hit that point where I don’t even care about my appearance?

I hadn’t taken a shower this morning and never bothered to add gel or anything.

Now messy hair on men on men is in these days,  so I think I pulled it off, but I need to be careful…

sweatpants all day can’t be to far behind.

Yeah,  I need a job soon.

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