Don’t skip Leg Day

Two months ago, I helped a friend move from my neighborhood into the city.  His building here had an elevator and moving was fine,  a few scrapes and bruises aside, which is normal.

Moving him IN was a different story.   Why?   It was a THIRD STORY WALK UP.   and HO-LY FUCK did I learn a valuable lesson:

Don’t skip Leg Day at the gym .

All those years at the gym rarely doing legs came at a price.   Weak legs + carrying heavy objects up stairs = winded.

Last year my legs got somewhat better as I did indoor rock-wall-climbing a bunch.  A woman I had a few dates with last year even commented that I had nice legs.  But this year?  Not so much.  I’ve only indoor-rock-climbed a few times this year.

Ok. Legs are important.   Now in the past 8 weeks I’ve done legs in 7 of them.  Squats, lunges,  dead lifts,  calf raises.   And those are the days that I sweat like a waterfall.  But they’re getting stronger.

That being said,  if someone asks me to help him move, I’ll suggest he gets professional movers.   That’s what they’re there for.  


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