No Douchebags on Mars

So they’re really talking about colonizing Mars.  Seriously.   At some point they’ll  have people take a one-way ticket to Mars.  They’ll live in inflatable housing,  I’ve seen that idea being tossed around.   They’re still planning it out, of course.   Food,  water,  oxygen…. the usual.

And the people they choose to go need to be the right ones and have the necessary skills and smarts to survive in that environment.   And of course,  never want to see the Earth again.

I just hope they take one big factor into consideration: Make sure nobody is a DOUCHEBAG. 

Think about it.  There will be only a certain amount of people on the whole planet as it is,  like 50, but If some of them are complete DB’s, that would SUCK!

And God forbid the smartest ones there are the douchebags.

“Uh Houston,  this is Mars colony.  We have a problem.”

“What’s the emergency Mars colony?   Are you running out of oxygen?”

“No… We fixed that… but now Steve’s just insisting that we call him Dr Stephen, Lord of Air”

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