Alphonso Ribeiro’s Rage

I just need to say that I don’t watch Dancing with the Stars.  I don’t.  Honestly.

Ok, I tried watching it one time, wasn’t for me.  But that doesn’t mean that I “watch it.”

But I don’t live under a rock, I know it’s popular in society in general.  And I don’t mind dancing.  Heck, when I used to go clubbing, ol’ GRex’ dance style was dubbed “GuidoSalsa” for my perfect blend of fist-pumping and hips-moving.

That’s right.

Now, on Facebook I saw that Alphonso Ribeiro is on these days. Of course he’s famous for two things, tap dancing and being on the 90s TV show Fresh Prince of Bel Air, starring Will Smith.  His character, Carlton, was Will Smith’s uber-straight-laced cousin, who loved Tom Jones’ song, It’s Not Unusual.  And yes, he danced to it.  In a particular way that showed he had coordination yet was cheesy.  And it’s entertaining to anyone who breathes oxygen.

Recently on DWTS, he obliged everyone by incorporating The Carlton into into a dance routine.  See here, The Carlton starts at 54 seconds

I write all of this to make a point. After the popularity of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and The Carlton being transfused into Americana, you’d think people on the street would be asking him to do The Carlton all of the time, or they’d show him their crappy attempts.  I’d say those happen every day to him.

I’m COMPLETELY SHOCKED that I have not seen any story of him FLIPPING OUT and PUNCHING some guy who’s talking to him about The Carlton.  It’s really INCOMPREHENSIBLE to me how that has not happened yet.

Alphonso must have gotten wisdom from Dalai Lama.  His being a Zen Buddhist is the only logical explanation.  You’re busted, Alphonso.

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