Bob’s “friendly” greeting

So, i was walking past someone in the hall at work. I knew Bob, wasn’t close with him to warrant stopping and catching up. Nothing wrong with that, we both knew our place in each other’s lives and were fine with our casual status.

Plus we’re busy professionals trying to make a name for ourselves in the world. So we didn’t even break pace as we saw each other. But we had to say something to each other to acknowledge our relationship. As we passed I said “Hey Bob,” and he said “What’s going on?”.

Now, we were crossing just as he asked, quickly moving passed each other. There are a number of things he could have said. Heck, Bob could’ve even nodded. But he asked that question, knowing full well that I had no chance of really answering it because we’d be already passed each other.

So clearly, Bob didn’t really care about what was going on in my life.

Fuck Bob, that insincere prick.


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