Love vs Being Right

We’ve all been there. Talking to somebody and there’s a difference of opinion. Or difference of a recollection. Or a difference in (fill in the blank)

I think I’m right, the other person think they’re right as well. Both of us cannot SIMULTANEOUSLY be right, can we? It’s a zero sum game. Right/Wrong. Yin/Yang. Coke/Pepsi. Vanilla/Chocolate.

Being right.

Wow, it felt nice just to type that. Justifies my existence. Warm and fuzzy on the inside. And on the outside. Right looks good on me. Vanity is Al Pacino’s favorite sin, after all.

Now getting SOMEONE ELSE to think that I’m right? In the real world, that happens? In an argument? Maybe to you, smarty pants, but I’m still waiting for that blessed glory.

Ok as far as I know there is no Nobel Prize for being right. No Grammy or Emmy. No Award. Would it be a Righty? I’m a Lefty, damnittohell. It’s just the FEELING of being right. The justification of me. But there’s one problem in this: arguing in relationships.

I’m a man, hence I am always wrong. Or at least “wrong.” Women are always right, of course. Granted what they could be saying may be incorrect in the world, however the rule is that they are always right. My Significant Other… the other who is Significant in my life… always thinks I’m wrong.

Well that sucks.

Or at least, I used to think so. I later realized that I really don’t give a rat’s ass about “being right” in relationship. I don’t. My feeling right gets trumped by a much more satisfying feeling: the feeling of the argument being OVER.

Wow, does that feeling kick ass.

She: ”You have it wrong. Beth went to Villanova”

Me: ”You’re right, dear.”

She walks away with the happy, righteous feeling.

I skip away with the feeling of not arguing anymore.

It really is a Win/Win

We all tell people we love them. Ok some more than others, some a lot more, and some a LOT LESS. But I still say that it happens more than telling someone they’re right. That’s under protective glass, which should be broken only for emergencies.

But I say nay. I think Hallmark has missed a platinum opportunity. Next Valentine’s Day when buying your special someone a card, scratch out the phrase “I love you” and write in “you’re right”.  Your other wil appreciate it more than a sappy, overdone “I love you” and will here something from you that they probably NEVER here.  Guaranteed to make that night memorable, if you knowwhui’msayin, wink wink.

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