Starting something


I started blogging, and will do so for 21 days straight.  Well, the plan is more but a Blog Bro and I are doing it starting on Oct 8 at the suggestion of fellow blogger Jeff Goins who is amazing (so I hear.  I mean, he probably is, I trust my source, but I have not read his shtuff yet.)

Like many, ol’ GRex has has started a lot of things, but the passion fizzled quickly, getting distracted by shiny keys and moving onto the new toy with the kung fu grip while the old toy is barely out of the box.  

What have I started and stopped (and I’ll include those things I never even started but SOOOOO wanted to start… and I’ll include those things I do do (doo doo? EWWWW!), but I repetitively stop but start again after a few months break)?

-Piano lessons (as a kid)

-Piano lessons (as an adult)

-Karate lessons (as a kid)

-Jui Jitsu lessons (as an adult)

-Guitar lessons


-Yarn Art (don’t ask)

-Cleaning my crib (my apt, really, but I’m stuck in the 90s using the word “crib”)

-Working out

-Playing tennis

-Little League

-Blogging (a year ago)

-Stand Up comedy

-Improv Comedy




-capitalizing first letters in this list’s entries

Ok Ok, I’ll end there.  My insurance just ran out and not sure if the Affordable Care Act covers a psychologist, which I’ll need if I keep listing them.

Anyway, I’m a big believer of the Big Mo…. Momentum.  Do things consistently and life will be enriched and my capacity will grow.

Just today I made a list of many things I wanted to do a little of every day.  This is another… and it’s serendipitous timing.



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