Put It On Mute

Ok, pet peeve time: 

We all have music on us at all times.   IPods,  mp3 players,  hell our PHONES for Pete’s sake (who is Pete,  anyway?) Most of us listen to our music quite often.  Walking around,  working out, on the subways. ..

Yes, I live in the NYC area.   I ride the subway often.   And often,  57% of the riders are listening to music.   Sometimes louder than their headphones can mute out.  Occasionally,  I walk around with i.e. Rock Me Amadeus in my head because of something I heard it on the subway.

Believe it or not,  that’s not my pet peeve.   I enjoy that.

But often people sing along with their songs.   On the subway,  where, honestly,  people should just be silent or engage in quiet conversation,  some people just start singing along with their music and it DRIVES… ME… MIXED… NUTS.

I don’t give a flying fuck if this is your jam… Join society, and shut up… Just respect other people and our right for peace.

I don’t care how well you sing,  your vibrato is very nice, yes, but SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Even on the subway platform, I hear the occasional subway karaoke… as people are waiting for their subway.    Some people really just belt it out.  They really are just in the zone,  singing their heart out. 

But they should be SHUTTING THE FUCK UP.

Go home and sing to your hearts content.   Compete on Idol, the Voice,  or Biggest American Annoying A-Hole.

I know I have about seven awesome blog followers… and the troops are growing.   But chances are nobody who reads this is one of these people.   But it’s a start,  hopefully the word will spread and the world will be a better place.

A… A… A… Amadeus.

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