She’s High Maintenance and, Thankfully, She Knows It

I was with Mona, having a quiet, lazy day.  At some point, I was going over the things I love about her… in a fun, over-the-top kind of way.

“You’re beautiful. Boom! You’re smart. Boom! You’re fun. Boom!…”

“I’m high maintenance.”

BOOM!”I said exaggerated, in a “THANK YOU for saying that” kind of way. I reminded her of the scene in When Harry Met Sally where Harry says Sally in the worst kind: she’s an HM but she thinks she’s an LM.

“Oh no,” Mona said, “I KNOW I’m high maintenance.” Of course, she added “…but I’m worth it.”

Now, as I’ve been blogging and mentioning my tiffs with her, fellow bloggers have noted that she’s high maintenance. And, of course, they’ve been right. I know she is. 

But… it’s GREAT that she knows it too. She hasn’t mentioned it in ages, but it gives me the license to playfully bring it up occasionally.

And she should bring it up more often,  in my opinion. When a person owns up to their idiosyncrasies, they can be forgiven easily. “Hey, I know I’m high maintenance, but I really like it when (fill in the blank.)”

Owning up just creates a space of ease and forgiveness.

Ah, relationship fun. 


The Square Coincidence

So Mona and I are talking about going on a cruise next year.  With her kids. And since we won’t be married, I’d need my own room. 

She told me that ships now have single rooms, so I won’t have to pay a double rate.

She just texted with the price of a single room, and I replied about them making a killing on a per square foot basis.

Har har.

I’m watching the closing Olympics ceremonies, and just as I typed “square” the Olympic commentator said that word “square.” I’m not sure what else he said but I heard that word. 


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The Last of the Victory Steaks

Wow. I went out with a bang. The whole concept of “Victory Steak” came from my being unemployed at the same time as a friend, Spencer, and I said “I’ll enjoy that victory beer once we get jobs” then he said “how about victory STEAKS?”

And the Victory Steak was born. 

At this point, my gf Mona took me to one… then I took HER to to one.

And tonight, I took Spence out. When we first sat at the bar, we had beers. Yes, they had Victory IPA:

After the first beer, we sat at had our steaks: 

HOLY CRAP it was DELICIOUS. Filet.  Medium rare.

Now that’s a first class meal. $200+ with tip for two people. But i got the new job so i footed the entire bill. Can’t have those every week, or every month… but once in a blue moon is just right. Nice to treat myself occasionally to the finer things. I deserve them.

I’m very thankful for my new job.  I’m in my fifth week so far, doing well. Bring on the continued SUCCESS. 

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First Real Paycheck in Two Years!!!!!

(This post is two weeks old) 

That’s right, you heard it.  I’ve worked two weeks, this Sunday is the end of the month… BOOM… Paycheck.

Now, I had a freelance yob (sic) last year but this is full-time work again and I’m SO THANKFUL to be back in my financial feet again. 

And I don’t have medical insurance through them yet (starts Sept 1) so it’s more than I will be getting once my insurance is all set!!


Welcome back my old friend! 


Bookended by Donuts

So my lunch today was small: the last of a batch of stir fried chicken and vegetables. Healthy. But it wasn’t enough to fill me for even 2 hours. I knew I had to supplement it with something. But what? 


That’s right. Nutritionally,the exact opposite of chicken and vegetables. But dammit, a donut sounded good. It was a gorgeous day here in Brooklyn. Lows 80s, low humidity. I could use a walk. 

You know how when you want something you can always find ways to justify it? This was JUSTIFIED. 

So off I went anf I got a Bavarian Cream donut at the local Dunkin Donuts a few blocks away. Come to papa.

Later in the evening, I met with two friends from the old neighborhood. Tapas, drinks, fun. Yadda yadda yadda. I start to go home. But on my walk to the subway I think that I’m not really full and that I’ll be hungry before I went to bed. Which isn’t good, in my eyes. 

But wait! What’s that I see? A DUNKIN DONUTS? What sorcery is this? God must want me to have one.


Boom. Croissant donut:

Damn that was GOOD. Thank you, God. I’m a happy man. Full…but happy. 

Drinking, Life

Hey Rex, stop binge drinking. You’re an adult. 

So, my friend Pete had a get together at the lake community near his house. It’s over an hour and a half away. I drove my friends Michelle & Nigel. It was to be a long affair, from noon to 5pm at least and we were going home after that,not spending the night, which sometimes happens when we go to Pete’s house.

When I arrived, I immediately went into drinking mode. We were going to be there a while. Drink early then sober up and drive home.Sounded like a plan.

I had a couple Coors Lights. And THEN… my friend Hank had this vodka iced tea concoction. He gave me a cup of it.”This has alcohol? I can’t even tell.”

Two cups later, I didn’t really feel that drunk. Hank poured a third.  Then it started raining so we moved the party to Pete’s house. Michelle drove my car there. 

And I brought my cup of poison.

A bunch of us hung in Pete’s hot tub in his yard. Adults, their kids. We were all drinking. The adults, that is. In the rain. It was actually fun. 

Eventually another friend drove his car back to the city. Michelle and Nigel went home with him. I decided to stay the night. We stayed in the hot tub for a while. I had finished my vodka iced tea so had a few more Coors Lights. There were like 7 of us in the hot tub, including a few kids. I was fine. More or less. 

And that’s all I remember of the evening. 

Apparently we went inside, had some conversations and I feel asleep on the couch. So I’m told. 

But I never texted my gf Mona good night or returned her many texts. She was worried sick from my non- responses. 

At 1am I woke up. 

FUUUUUUUCK! I saw her texts. Replied. She was still awake. Worried sick. And LIVID. We talked a bit. She’d been sleeping badly this week anyway and now she’d only have like 4 hours sleep and was a hot, worried mess. 

Oh man. I messed up bigtime. Today, she’s a zombie and had to cancel activities since she can’t concentrate or focus. And needed to lay down a lot, being a minimal parent because she can barely see straight. Oh she’s a black belt with guilt.

She’s angry. Rightfully so. She needs me to at least be able to communicate and set levels of what I’m doing. Blacking out and forgetting to reply or say good night is unacceptable. Ok it was an accident, and I don’t like that it happened. 

And honestly, I was originally driving friends up and back. I should not have dived into drinking a lot knowing I was to be driving. They happened to get a ride back but I didn’t know that at the time.

Also, she’s a worrier. That’s been well established. Dropping off to silent communications is bad.

She’s also wondering about the kind of man I am. Am I able to shift from single life to being a step-father. We’ll talk later. It won’t be pretty.

I think I need to have 3 drinks max in sitting. And none when I know I’ll be driving. Even if there will be enough time to sober up. 

Update: she and I spoke and she cooled off. Everything is fine. 


We can rebuild him. Stronger. FASTER. (New best time running) 

So I’m in pretty good shape muscularly. I worked out a good amount in my teens and it served as a good base for me to build on so far as I’ve gone to the gym in my adult life. My shoulders, chest and arms are in good shape.  Not meathead good, but you can tell I’ve worked out in my day. Mona likes grabbing my arms too. Bonus! 

But… my endurance is ATROCIOUS. I never really had a passion for thecardiovascular. Biking, running or anything else really. I’ve done them sporadically but not really interested. Feh. Oh, I know it’s good for me,  but still… Feh.

Anyway, about maybe five weeks ago I started jogging a mile in the morning. Just around my neighborhood. I was unemployed so I didn’t have to get up very early in the morning. I could still jog the mile and start my job search around 9.

But now I have a job. BUT… I work from HOME. Yes! I can continue jogging in the morning without getting up extra early.

Note, I’ve been using the operative word “jog.” I did not “run.” I use an app, Runkeeper, to track my pace and I would go at a 12+ minute mile.

That’s jogging. 

BUT… the day I got my job offer I RAN. I had two interviews with the same company that day and I was feeling focused that morning. I had Salt n Pepa’s song “Push It” going through my head, plus a FB friend said to have a great day and I took that on that day. 

So I pushed and ran a 10 minute 23 second mile. First time I even broke into the 10 minute range.

Effing A! That’s what I’m talkin bout. 

Later on that day I nailed both interviews, got my job offer and accepted it.

After that, my runs were back over 11 minutes. Was I not pushing? Were the humidity and heat too much? Who knows? 

Well, today I decided to swing my arms a little more forcefully while running, to give me a little more momentum. And I ran a 10 minute 7 second mile.



Ok, I know that’s nothing to real runners but that’s a huge breakthrough for me. I’m so damn pumped to see that. 

Let’s see how long until I break into the 9 minute range!