So Mona and I were in Starbucks and she was getting tea. We went through the line, I didn’t order anything. 

As we waited, I thought “Oh man, I should have ordered a coffee, I could use the caffeine.”

Right at that moment, a woman was served a small iced coffee… but she didn’t order it iced. So the barista went back to make her a hot coffee. 

And there it was. A free cup of iced coffee just sitting there. “Here I am, Rex. God put me here for you.”

Oh I grabbed it and pointed out to Mona that I manifested it. Oh Divine Beverage! 

The Lord/Universe/spirit works through me. Let’s see what else I can do : D


 Good Luck Pizza


I live in an apartment building in Brooklyn.  I do not have a driveway and many here don’t so parking is always a challenge. This morning my car was on the next street down and the next avenue over. So the next block diagonally. 

Tomorrow, I am going to Mona’s house and I need to leave as close to 5pm as possible and it’s always great to have my car on my block. I work from home and tomorrow there’s street cleaning on one side of my block so at 9:45am I’d go to my car and move it to my block. That was the plan. 

End of Prologue

 What was I going to have for dinner tonight? I’ve been eating eggs or burgers alternately for the past 4 days. I wanted something different but didn’t want to spend a whole lot.


I shouldn’t. I really should stay home and find something home that I can have for dinner,  but…


But I’ve been doing so well making food at home. I shouldn’t eat out…


So I left my building and as I walked towards my corner I realized something: 


Within a split second, I take off down my street, running towards my car. I had slip-on deck shoes on, not really made for running, but I was on a mission. I had to run the equivalent of almost two blocks and drive back and hope nobody takes the spot in time! 

I got to my car, adrenaline pumping, slightly winded from going from walk directly to full sprint. I hop in my car and I took off, sending mental vibes out there to keep the spot vacant until my victorious arrival. 

I turn 2 corners, drive almost 2 blocks down and…



(My back was to my building.)


Now I would never have seen the spot if I hadn’t decided to get pizza! 

Oh, you delicious and fortuitous sustenance! You’re awesome in many ways! 

Career, Money

God does not want me to be depressed

So yesterday I took a stroll down Negative Lane. Some tough times financially and a questionable future. Not great. I was down. 

Then, something odd happened. No… somethingS (plural) happened. Some good positive messages, vibes, grace… call it what you want. 

1. A salesperson told me that he put in some good words about my service to my boss’ boss.

2. Then a friend Bob reached out to say hey and to make plans to hang. Always great when someone reaches out and wants to spend time with me.

4. Then a friend, Jackson, reached out to me today, I know him from a men’s mentoring organization that I used to belong to. He invited me to an organization event that I can’t make. Really great of him to think of me. He even said: 

I used to be VERY active in that organization and really touching to be thought of like that.

5. Later today I got a phone call from a client and I was able to help her issue. And she PRAISED my help up and down. Now, what I did for her was very simple. But she really needed the help and I gave it to her quickly. Plus, I’m very personable on the phone with clients and enjoy easy going relationships to put them at ease as I work through their issues. And it shows.

“You deserve a raise!” she exclaimed. I thought that was very serendipitous, given yesterday’s blog about money. 

This is the universe/God’s way of saying “don’t worry, buddy. Help is here and will continue. Have faith.”

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 


Temporarily Depressed- Money and Interview Issues

So in my therapy session this week my therapist put the screws to me. Mona and I have been talking matriage lately, which is great. She’s awesome and we get along astoundingly well. However, how am I paying for an engagement ring and a wedding?

This past year, my credit card debt has gone from $19,500 to $3,800 and dropping. However, I have not saved dollar one. I do have 401k that I don’t touch, and about $10k in the bank. But that’s it. To my name. 

My debt will be gone by November, then I can start saving for a ring. And once I buy one next year, there goes my savings again. 

Then a modest wedding will still cost money. Probably another year’s worth of savings (on my end, anyway. Mona’d chip in for that too, of course.) Then, my savings would go back down again. 

When do I start saving for me? I don’t see it happening in the near future. 

This is at my current salary, anyway. I plan on changing companies this year so hopefully that will bring in another $10k annually. I need to make that happen. 

Unfortunately, I had FOUR INTERVIEWS with a company recently, including a presentation which I thought went very well. That was TWELVE DAYS AGO. And I have NOT HEARD BACK YET.Not either way. I’d think after 4 interviews I would get notified even if they decided not to go with me. 

Last Thursday, a week after my last interview,  I sent a follow up email to the hiring manager.

NOTHING. I haven’t heard a peep.

Come on. 

Ok it’s August and people are on vacation. I’m trying to keep positive but at this point, but it’s fading. I didn’t even hear back from my latest email. I’ll send an email tomorrow afternoon to the HR business partner. I know it’s out of my hands but some closure would be nice, and sending emails a week apart is not bad. I don’t think. 

Then once I’m in this state, my mind can really spiral out of control, beating myself up for all of the many mistakes I’ve made. And yes, no success comes easy, mistakes always happen,  but it’s getting depressing. I’m going to be 45 this year. I need to kick it up several notches so I don’t become a burden to my family or society in my old age.


Food, fun

Who else loves watermelon in the summer?!

That’s right!  It’s the season for it! 

I must have had watermelon 6 times this summer so far. And once, it was a hot day and I was walking through midtown Manhattan and there was a food fair that had WATERMELON JUICE! 


Ok, I haven’t exactly bought “a watermelon” this year. I don’t have a knife big enough to cut one. Plus, I don’t need a whole watermelon at a time. Just some, and the markets near me sell these nice single-guy portions of pre-cut watermelon.

But waitaminute, something’s missing. What could it be? 

SEEDS! Remember seeds? If you’re a Millennial, probably not!  At some point,  scientist geniuses started breeding seedless  watermelons! Normally, I’d say don’t trust GMOs, but seedless watermelons EFFING RULE! Thanks GMOs!

And to boot, it’s August. It’s so RIPE! Yes, watermelon! You’re sweet, cool, watery and crunchy. 



The Palm Coincidence

So I’m on Facebook and a friend posted that she’s watching the Marilyn Monroe movie “Some Like It Hot” and I thought of the song “Some Like It Hot” which at the moment, I thought was by Robert Palmer solo (it’s actually by a group he was in, Power Station.)

I was in the middle of commenting that I was thinking of the song by Palmer, and then,  at that moment… on tv, on the Mets game, the commentators were talking about pitching and mentioned the part of the hand, the PALM!