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I REALLY want to pick a fight with her (Facebook fight follow up) 

Ok. To catch you up… my gf Mona was upset with me because I posted on Facebook outside my lunch hour and she thinks it’s irresponsible for somebody who should be concentrating on working and not broadcasting that I’m not working during work hours. She thinks it’s indicative that I’m not serious professionally. 

Now…the way Facebook works, or at least the Android app, is when I look at a post I made that day, it approximates how many hours ago it was. 

BUT… the next day, when I look back, it gives exact times. So today I looked… you know… for shits and giggles: 

Exactly 61 minutes apart.


Oh I SO want to reopen this can of worms. I SOOOOOOO do. It will start the fight over again, without a doubt.  

Is it worth it? Probably not. Do I need to be right? I’ve blogged about how the need to be right in a situation can be pretty damaging. 

But oh the “fuck you!” is building in me. Or at least a “give me a break” since I don’t think saying “fuck you” would be a good idea. 

Now, I just think her issue is a symptom of something bigger, about my financial situation being belt-tighteningly restrictive. My savings is lower and I just told her that Christmas sprending is going to be curtailed because I’m paying off debt. She seemed ok with it but I’d bet the house it’s tainting the relationship. 

What to do, what to do. Hmmmmm… this is a “angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other” moment. Part of me wants to keep this behind us. Part of me wants to rip this scab right off and pick a fight. 

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She’s a Guilt Ninja! Aka Does anybody go on Facebook when they’re at work?

My girlfriend Mona thinks going on Facebook during the work day is irresponsible as a worker. I know that I work as an Office Drone and FB is easy to access. I work from home and my phone is too handy.

And I go on occasionally throughout the day, I don’t take coffee breaks or walk around an office. And sometimes it’s just during downtime.

A month or so ago, maybe two, Mona made me swear off Facebook for the workday outside of lunch.  I can see how that’s a good thing so I took it on. 

However, today I posted ten minutes outside of my lunch break.  She saw it and came down on me like a hammer, claiming the possibility of me getting fired, losing my job, not concentrating on getting ahead. Mona needs someone serious about their career, rightfully so, we should all be serious about our careers…. and going on Facebook during the work day does not show that someone is serious, in her eyes. It’s irresponsible.

She also might still be annoyed at me for having gone through savings and into debt heavily while I was unemployed, pushing back possibilities of vacations and marriage (though she claims she’s in no rush.) We DID have a talk this weekend about my needing to cut back on Christmas gift spending. A decision brought about by the therapist I’m seeing at her request, which I’ve blogged about before. 

Oh the guilt is strong with this one. 

Now I can completely see how “hey it’s my job. Concentrate. Be a man.” Aaaaaaand part of me also feels that it’s an acceptable break in moderation and it’s not like I post often during the day and if I do it’s never anything controversial. 

By the posts I see on FB, it certainly seems like my fellow office drones are also posting periodically throughout the day.

What I’ve been seeing is that there’s a common “I know  it’s a waste of time, and I should probably stop, but I go on occasionally throughout the workday because I like it” vibe. So I wanted to take a temperature of my secret blog peeps. How do you feel about going on Facebook or social media during your work day?

(I also re-commited to not going on throughout the workday outside of my lunch hour. I know some blog friends are going to have an opinion or two about Mona : ) Look. Relationships take work. So I’m willing to play along since I’m 44, single with a career that hasn’t been very successful up to this point, so I’ll try different things. But I’m sure some may see her as controlling, which she may be too.)


The Payment Coincidence

They’re coming frequently now!

I was thinking that I needed to text my friend, who I do real estate photography for, about when I was getting paid. 

At that moment… HE texted ME about wanting to pay me soon.





The Lit Coincidence

So the other day I was commenting on Facebook that my friend Sheila wouldn’t have a problem swimming upstream, in theory, because she has big lat muscles on her back.

Then I thought that mine were nothing in comparison, that I have “lits” not lats.

Not 3 seconds later I put in the radio on a sports talk station and a broadcaster was in the middle of talking about how one football team beat another badly as he said “they LIT them up.”

And I howled in my car.  I really can’t believe that.  

I AM a wizard!!!!!!!



NYC Litter or Divine Intervention? aka the Rubber Band Coincidence

So I was out taking pics of real estate for my sidejob. I carry the list of batches of addresses on me, printed out and in a clipboard, clipped at the tops of the papers. I occasionally need to take a picture of the printouts to mark when I am. 

Now, as we all know, air moves around in something we call “wind” and this “wind” can blow paper around. Or at least the side of the papers that aren’t bound in a clipboard. 

Hmmmm… what to do? I KNOW… RUBBER BANDS!!!!

So I grabbed a few rubber bands from my junk drawer. They were pretty thin. After I stretched them a bit, they barely fit around the clipboard.

Green one.  Worked for a bit, then SNAP. Beige one, worked for a while, BUT…  SNAP!

Last green one. Let’s make this one last.


Ok, no what? I can move on but the papers flew up. I looked down and…

BAM. A rubber band was on the ground. Thick and very stretchy. Perfect.

Normally  I don’t pick things up off the sidewalk, but I really felt like I was experiencing divine intervention, like when Perseus received the helmet, shield and sword from Zeus and gods in the original Clash of the Titans movie

Thank you, God/Universe, for putting this in my path to make my job a lot easier.

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Blogger Coincidence/ I’m a Wizard!

So I left a note on a fellow bloggers last blog post from months ago, one saying she was going on a blog break. One of the first bloggers I blog-befriended. My comment was “you’re still on a break?  Booooo!”

Well, I received a reply saying:

That… is awesome. Look at that timing!


(She then followed up with…)



I Do Fantastic Work

So yes, I have a side job taking external pictures of real estate for a company that has listings. I think I’ve gone out about 20 hours so far. It’s been a little bit of a learning process: angles, speed, keeping track of which addresses, uploading them properly so they can be used.

My friend Doug hooked me up. It’s his job, really, but he farms work out to me So far, some pics haven’t been at the right angle, some were to big memory- wise, some were uploaded in the wrong order. In fact I have to redo some work from my first trip out.I messed some work up.


But most has been pretty damned good. I’m fact, today I received this message: 

Nice to see improvement. I’m excited. I intend to make this work. My schedule is less and less free, but that’s ok. I’m hustling. It’s a good thing.