Random Cool Stuff

I walked nearly 16 miles! 

So I have a side job taking external pics of real estate. I get assigned blocks and I walk down, clicking away. I’ve been assigned to areas in Brooklyn, Queens and now Manhattan. 

I started early, like 9:30am, stopping occasionally. Yes, as the title says… today I walked nearly SIXTEEN EFFING MILES! 


Took me over 6.5 hours, that’s how I spent my Memorial Day Weekend Saturday! Making  $137 in cash.

WOW, my dogs are BARKIN! (aka my feet hurt.) But hey, my debt doesn’t pay down itself! 


The Ex Coincidence

Ok… this is frickin NUTS.

Just today, I was thinking if an ex gf, Stacey, from, geez, 2004. It all started with thinking about my sister and her husband and how Stacey and I went on a double date with them. 

 Stacey and I had fun while dating. She even told me about this “Understanding Women” course given by the relationship seminar company. I did it and learned do much. We only dated 3 months. Stacey broke up with me because we were too different, yet we stayed in contact with the occasional email for a few more years (she even invited me to her wedding. I didn’t go.) Then we drifted apart. Now we’re FB friends. 

So today, I was thinking of Stacey, remembering fun times, wondering how she’s doing, etc. 

Now… this evening I was testing something for work where we had to create accounts using email addresses. So I created one with my work account amd one with my personal Gmail account. But I needed to create another account, so I used my previous personal email account, Hotmail, which I never use but is still active. 

So I go into my Hotmail so see if the account was created properly, and in my inbox I see AN EMAIL FROM STACEY! She was catching me up, she got physically separated but staying married, moved upstate. 

HOLY. CRAP. If I didn’t need to use my Hotmail for work I would have never seen it. But I happened to see it on the day I was thinking about her. 


Life, Money

Goal: I want to buy some art

Its good to have goals in life. 

The other day I was in Manhattan shooting pics of real estate, and I was assigned to the hip SoHo area (So(uth of) Ho(uston Street) ). Houston in this context is pronounced House-ton. I don’t know why, maybe that goes back to the British pronunciation. 

Anyway,  SoHo is known for its expensive clothing stores, and, as I discovered, street art. Here are two displays that I took photos of:

Some of the ones I saw were just beautiful and cool. And a little expensive, like a few hundred dollars. Now, I’m in full payoff debt mode, but DAMN I would love to be the type of person to buy a few pieces of SoHo art that I could decorate my house with. 

That’s now a goal. I want to grow my lifestyle so I can be in that position. That I have enough in my discretionary budget to buy some and not think twice about it.

And soon! 

I want to buy some art!


Our Two Year Celebration

So as I posted a few days ago, Mona and my two year anniversary recently passed. I bought a card and wrote some sweetness in it. Also got her a few tchochkies and printed a Powerpoint deck incorporating various pics of us and activities were done over the year.

We also ate at the same restaurant where we had our first date. Same table too.

She bought tickets to one of those Drink and Paint events so we went there after the restaurant: 

I know, I know… My sand is too dark. 

I originally thought her surprise plans were something like this. Painting was amongst my guesses, but I then thought she went the dance lesson route. Guess not. 

It was still a LOT of fun. 

We didn’t drink much. I only had a beer. We both had a drink at dinner but hers was really affecting her so she only had a seltzer while painting. 
I love Mona. We get along so incredibly well. Our conversations are endless and we have ridiculous fun. She’s brilliant and just a good hearted person. Plus our physical relationship is still as energetic as ever. Looking forward to year 3.

Career, Life, Responsibility

Overwhelmed and Needing to be Responsible with Time

Times are tight.  

My team at work is down one and a replacement is not being hired. What we’re doing is training people from other teams how you do my team’s work. Seems like they’re saving $ on salary and having us do more with less. 

I’m learning other team’s work too, but if you don’t use it you lose it and I’m finding shifting gears from my work to another team’s takes effort. Maybe it’s self- created stress. The stress of doubt.

So with things being busy, I usually work late. 

BUT my photography side job takes more time than just the picture taking. I have to “curate” the pics first, meaning upload,  choose the best shots if I take multiples, ensure that I have the right pics for addresses… all that takes time during the week in the evening. 

On the weekends, I’m either taking pics or seeing Mona. I haven’t cleaned my apt in weeks. And things are getting bad. I don’t maintain cleanliness well. It always seems like I don’t have time because I’m rushing to do something else.

And I need to start looking for the next step in my career. 

I need to prioritize better.  I need to honor that prioritization. I need to put down my phone more. My game is getting bigger. I need to be bigger, expand my capacity and honor my responsibilities better. 

I have no time to be lazy or mopey or low energy. Not anymore. Rex has hit a new level.


I can’t sleep with my gf

I’m not talking about the term “sleep with” as in… Advanced Cuddling. I’m talking about ACTUAL sleep. 

So Mona and I only get four nights a month together. We really don’t have a lot of time to find which sleeping position works. 

Correction… I don’t. She’s fine, sleeps like the dead. I, on the other hand, have difficulty. 


I’m not a cuddly sleeper. It gets too warm for me, I need space. And yes, we quote the classic Hug and Roll scene from the TV show Friends all the time: 

And Mona’s ok with non cuddly sleep. HOWEVER, I can’t sleep on my back. I just can’t for some reason.

Ok, no prob. There’s sleeping on my side or even my stomach if needed, right? Sleeping on my stomach is my preferred position at home. In my queen sized bed I can s-p-r-e-a-d o-u-t.

Mona has a queen also, but splitting it in two doesn’t leave much room for my arms to spread enough to not fall asleep. I’m all cramped up. And my arms seem to fall asleep easier these days. 

Oh, elusive back sleep, my white whale. I must conquer you soon! 


Two Years with my GF

Yep, I recently passed two years with Mona. I’m still with her. I haven’t blogged about her on a while.  I know some of my readers aren’t fans of hers. Everyone’s entitled. 

No, I still haven’t met the kids, which limits what we can do together and the frequency of seeing each other. We’ll need to have serious discussion to get passed it (past it?) I’m not sure if my career is still a big influence, although I’d think it is.I currently make less than half of what she makes. 

She originally said my debt needed to be gone first. It was pretty big but now I cut it by 65%. Ill be done by October. 

Buuuuuut, I’m pretty sure the kids aren’t taking to the divorce well and that’s still being dealt with. She and the therapist are very cautious introducing me. 

Plus, she won’t introduce the kids to anyone other than “the One.” Doesn’t want them to get attached to anyone who may still leave. Now, any engagement is still a while away money -wise.

We need to have the “money” conversation again to level set. But not this weekend.

This Saturday we’re going to the restaurant where our first date was. She then has a surprise activity. I’m thinking it’s Salsa lessons, which I’m looking forward to. I can move my hips well so let’s see where it goes. I don’t shy away from a dance floor.